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User-Generated Content

Boost your brand's Credibility and Trust with UGC

Product-focused user generated content, created by over 50 creators from Europe, who get why creatives are selling. Each delivered piece of content is ready to launch on ads or post on social media without additional editing.
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We have a diverse range of creator profiles

We prepare a picklist based on your product fit and can filter creators based on age, gender, location, niche, and overall appearance.
Find creators located in the US, UK and EU.
Filter creators by their age from 0 to 50+ years old.
Beauty & care, lifestyle, supplements, health & wellness, consumer goods, food, fashion, and more.
Work with English speaking creators as well as native speaking in German, Italian, French and more.
Provide us with your ideal creator’ profiles and we’ll match you with similar profiles and provide a solid base of new profiles.
Need a very detailed creator's profile breakdowns? Include a few specifics, such as “people with pets” and we’ll search them for you.

Get a constant flow of performance-oriented UGC

User-generated content provides social-proof and brand advocacy. Target audience tends to relate with experience from content creators more than high-end branding content from the production team, solely because it looks more genuine and real. UGC helps to tell your brand story from as many different perspectives as possible.
You get diverse and creative content that shows your product in different ways to different audiences.

Still thinking about why you need it?

UGC adds emotion to your brand’s online presence and helps to build relationships with your end customers.
It enhances user engagement.
Let other people tell your story in their own way.
Highlight social proof and present user experience in an unique way.
Pssst - With user-generated content combined with whitelisting ads, we managed to raise the ad spend by 35% while staying in the agreed targets and reaching KPIs.

Let us take the stress out of your UGC content sourcing

You name, we source it.
We have our very own closed ever-evolving community of over 50 creators from around Europe, ready to jump on any project at any given moment.
A community of experienced content creators, proved to perform on ads from working with us in the last 3 years on various projects.
Not only do we build strong relationships with our content creators, we regularly educate them and keep them posted about performing creatives and latest trends.

What can you expect?

Our content is ready to use on ads and organic posts on Meta and TikTok without further post-production and delivered in 3 weeks from paid invoice.
User-generated content from WeScale is produced after a detailed brief, regular check ups and a feedback loop from content manager and creative strategist. Videos and photos we deliver have a massive potential to convert if used combined with a great selling hook and scaling advertising strategy.
To best meet the needs of companies of different size and budget, we have created different packages. Contact us for a personalized offer.

Select appropriate UGC types for your needs

How-to videos

Not all products are straightforward. Let the videos show the main benefits of your product and how people use it in their daily life.

Video ads

Product-focused video ads with all key ingredients for an insane thumb stop ratio: 3sec intro scene with a hook, main part that presents product USPs and outro with a tempting offer and call-to-action.


These videos are often shot from point-of-view or from a distance, showing the creator through the process of unboxing the package, showing the packaging, the first impression of the product and its overall appearance.

Flatlay shots

Shot from a creator’s point-of-view, these shots show the product in focus and are backed up by supportive elements to build up a nice ambient. This way, the target audience knows exactly where the product belongs and how it fits into their aesthetic.


Shots with genuine emotions and intense facial expressions are great for attracting new customers and adding credibility and trust to your brand.

Lifestyle full-body shots

Some products are not only life-changing and functional but also aesthetic and very much Instagrammable. Creators love to create content with products that fit their aesthetic and show the target audience how the product could improve their lives, too.


Word-of-mouth is still the best selling channel and how do it better than with user testimonials? Our creators from over 8 EU countries get the starting script and do their magic.

Scripted videos

Some themed campaigns need special scripted videos that follow the campaign's message, and there’s no better way to do it than by guiding our creators through a well-planned script.
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No. We cannot guarantee that. How well an ad or a creative convert is affected by dozens of factors, such as media buying strategy, testing plan, which copy you use, what audience you target, what event do you optimize the campaign for, and so on. However, we can guarantee that our UGC creatives will be delivered on agreed time, in perfect dimensions for story and feed placement and with the need for any further post-production or editing. Our UGC creatives are created by proven creators, who have been working with us for over 2 years on various projects, are a part of our community and involved in our feedback loop. They get what content has the potential for conversion,
In short: a creative strategy is the bridge between your performance marketing, media buying, content and post-production department. A creative strategy is the long-term approach of how you develop visual stimuli for your brand, product, or service. It dictates the theme, look and feel of all of your assets. The creative strategy should again adhere to the overarching strategy. Doing this ensures that all work is following a specific guide, targeting a specific response and cultivating repeat and specific behavior.
Yes, you’re free to edit our user-generated content as you wish. With completed payment, you also received advertising and editing rights for the content delivered from our side.

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