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Influencer marketing campaigns to bring your brand to a  higher level

The influencer marketing campaigns are tailored to your brand and include brief preparation based on key product characteristics and brand vision. The influencers are hand-picked to ensure the best influencer-brand fit.
The campaigns are prepared in line with the end goal (raising brand awareness, sales, product launches, etc.).
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What can you expect from collaboration with WeScale?

The questions we get asked most frequently are related to influencer profile selection, pricing, and performance of the profiles. We make sure to deliver the best influencer performance-price ratio.
Let us help you. We bring the whole package together:
Selection of the appropriate influencers based on the brand influencer fit - this is usually the tricky part when drafting the influencer marketing campaign. The key is to find influencers with a loyal base of followers who are trustworthy, present exciting topics on their profiles, and are, most importantly, a good brand fit.
Innovative campaign ideas and influencer brief preparation -> based on your preference, we will draft the concept of the campaign and prepare written guidelines for the influencers to get all the important information they need about your brand and products.
We offer a full-service approach to influencer marketing collaboration. We make sure that the whole campaign is executed smoothly, according to the prepared brief, set timeline, and determined goals for the campaign. It means that we take care of the entire strategy and influencer communication.
Report preparation and feedback - based on the objectives set at the beginning, we prepare the analysis and report about the campaign results.
Pssst - With user-generated content combined with whitelisting ads, we managed to raise the ad spend by 35% while staying in the agreed targets and reaching KPIs.

Start building a strong and reliable influencers base

We completely take the burden off your chest by selecting the appropriate profiles and help you set the measurement and reporting system for successful future influencer marketing campaigns. With this, you will be able to track each collaboration's results and compare and test which type of influencer is a good fit for your brand.

Maximize your reach, engagement and sales with influencer marketing

We have actively been working with influencers for over 3 years, focusing on different campaigns and reporting systems, which proved to be a good base for analyzing influencer-related measurements. Influencer marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore it is essential to have a good base and strategy in place so you can grow on the market, together with the help of the selected influencers.
We will help you position yourself on the market with influencers and start building a strong base.

What will you get?

Detailed brief instructions and management of the influencers throughout the entire process. The brief will be prepared by WeScale Creative department to ensure a high-end look tailored to the graphic identity of your brand.
You can expect to receive hand-picked influencers that are a good fit for your brand.
Reports of the campaigns.

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Influencer marketing is an excellent channel for building brand awareness, targeting new audiences, and providing instant user experience to potential customers through influencers' reviews and content. However, the key is to know about the influencer marketing situation on the market, collaborate with trendy profiles, and target the right audience. Influencer marketing is a channel that helps build your brand in the long run. The impacts of this channel can be seen only after a while. Finding the right profiles, building relationships with them, and bringing the brand closer to their followers are usually the obstacle the brands are faced with, and we are here to help
The collaboration has 5 phases: 1. Get to know your company phase - where you provide a wholesome overview of the company's values, preferences, do's, and don'ts so we can present the brand in the best way possible. 2. Brief preparation phase - Based on the received data and campaign preferences, we include our expertise and prepare the brief with all the crucial information for a successful collaboration. 3. Influencer profiles selection phase- For the brand, we prepare the list of influencer profiles that would be a good fit for the campaign. We select the trending profiles that meet the statistics criteria and have an impact on the market. 4. Closing the deals with influencers - we take over the communication with the influencers and discuss the terms of the collaborations as well as monitor their posting. 5. End report phase - We prepare the report for the client based on the campaign's outcomes.
For influencer marketing, we have local specialists not only in the Slovenia market but also in the Slovak, Czech and Croatian market.

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