JURE KNEHTL, Founder and CEO of WeScale Brands

How to profitably scale your eCommerce store in 2023?

More than 150+ MM € Revenue generated in 3 years

42+ MM € invested in digital ad spend

15.000+ Pieces of UGC created

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Thursday, 6. April 2023

17:00 CET

Duration time: 60 min webinar + 30 min Q&A session

Will this webinar be recorded?  

Yes, but we will share only the clips of it on social media. We believe you will get the best value if you actively participate in the webinar since Jure Knehtl can help with your specific questions and challenges. And you know how it is, how many webinar recordings have you watched recently? Well, if you are like us, you will benefit way more from joining live.  

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is a perfect fit for eCommerce founders, CMOs, Content and Performance Managers, and other Managers in eCommerce companies. Of course, it also provides actionable insights for Meta advertisers, content creators, and performance enthusiasts, but many of the concepts that we will discuss are strategic. Therefore, the session is really a perfect event for attendees who have decision-making power in their organizations and can apply discussed solutions ASAP.

What is the tech stack for the event?

Save the date in your calendars. The session will happen on Zoom.

How can I connect with Jure at WeScale?

Follow WeScale on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Send us an email at [email protected], if you have specific inquiries.

Don't worry, we will take great care to safeguard your personal data collected for this webinar. Please review the details here. 

Which metrics to focus on when growing your eCommerce business


Key webinar topics and takeaways

“I believe that the only way marketing works - is when marketing strategy meets results. That’s why I'm always focused on performance and helping businesses grow and thrive."

Marketer and eCommerce scaling expert with 8+ years of experience

Generated €190M in eCommerce revenue by developing customized marketing strategies for fast-growing European and International companies

Managed the most significant paid social budget in the region


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Important: JOIN live to get a chance to interact with the speakers and focus on your challenges. Be present & grab a notepad because content gems will be coming your way. 

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We start punctually on Thursday,  6. April at 17:00 (CET) 

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+ 30-minute Q&A session. Get the most out of this special event and pick out Jure’s brains!



Founder and CEO of WeScale Brands

What are the brands that are still growing doing to succeed


An introduction to a proven framework for 2023 scaling


How to create funnels and an environment for efficient performance marketing  


Practical tactics to improve your Meta ads performance and acquisition channels


Special surprise for participants


Founder of WeScale agency which has grown to 20+ team members in 3 years and has fueled the growth business to reach 7 and 8 figures in revenue

Built a marketing department from scratch in 2018-2019, achieving explosive growth from 0 to €40M revenue in 10+ localized markets in Europe

Set a record for selling 27,000 products a day

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