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Head of Growth

Are you ready to break a record of 27K products sold IN A DAY? Can you help us scale businesses from 5 TO 7 FIGURES in monthly revenue within LESS THAN A YEAR? 

Yes! You’ve read it right - our record is 27.000 products sold in a day and seven figures in less than a year! Did you just get goosebumps, when thinking about achieving these epic results? Because we sure did! Are you bold enough to spend thousands of € daily to scale a brand’s performance? 

However, we are a bit picky - say goodbye to advertising low-quality products and say hello to the opportunity to advertise eCommerce brands that customers love and that changes people’s lives. 

Bring out your stack of favourite marketing tools and get ready to knock down our and your personal records! We are looking for bold, ambitious and passionate people who want to join the next generation of Marketeers and disrupt the eCommerce world with us. Sounds good so far? Let’s keep reading then! 

What are you applying for? 

In the Head of Growth role you will be a crucial part of the Growth department’s next chapter. As Head of Growth you will be a leader to five ambitious, hard-working and passionate Media Buyers. 

This role combines leading people, showing your expertise in performance marketing and in scaling our clients as quickly and sustainably as possible. 

The game of records is always on! On day-to-day basis you will be winning the game by: 

Building scalable strategies: 

  • Build and implement comprehensive project strategies for our clients to ensure profitability and growth
  • Prioritise and manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously
  • Orchestrate audits of the existing performance marketing strategies, campaigns and setups to find new opportunities to grow

Championing customer acquisition: 

  • Develop cross-channel strategies (Meta ads, Google ads, TikTok ads, offer suggestions, CRO suggestions, etc.) and oversee the implementation
  • Oversee high-performing paid acquisition Meta campaigns with budgets ranging from 30K to +600K €/month
  • Constantly review and support Media Buyers in optimizing the full user journey, lowering the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of each campaign to ensure that targets and goals are being met, or surpassed
  • Lead and do rapid testing and implement new ideas in a short amount of time
  • Set up & monitor KPIs

Delivering exceptional results for clients:

  • Work closely with clients to identify and test innovation and expansion opportunities: optimizing offers, opening new markets, testing sales channels and different creatives
  • Train and provide strategic consulting to client teams

But you don’t stop there as you understand that if you want to go fast you go alone, but if you want to go far, you go together! You will step into the shoes of a leader and lead by example team of Media Buyers:

  • Organise, set clear expectations and monitor them
  • Provide feedback and other development opportunities
  • Inspire and motivate them to shoot for the stars
  • Set up plans and OKRs of the department

What else? We believe that our “professional DNA” is a chief factor in success. We expect the Head of Growth to be eager to share knowledge and to participate in discussions, podcasts, conferences, like-minded communities, on social media etc.

You will be a perfect fit for the role if you bring with you:  

  • At least 5+ years of relevant experience in Growth Marketing
  • At least 2+ years of experience in leading teams
  • Strong understanding of ad buying and targeting strategies
  • In-depth understanding of Google Analytics and goal-driven eCommerce management
  • Experience in spending minimum of 100 K € /month in Meta ads (single business)
  • Experience in Hyros/Triple Whale/Segmetrics
  • T-shaped skillset
  • Test and learn mindset, “can-do” attitude and personal confidence
  • Performance orientation, analytical approach and focus on finding solutions
  • Have a solid comprehension of human psychology and behaviours
  • Exceptional presentation skills, comfortable speaking about and presenting data to clients
  • Demonstrate ability to think strategically about complex issues, leading to thoughtful recommendations, action plans, and campaigns that drive high ROI
  • You are a self-learner who follows international eCommerce trends, loves listening to podcasts, reads books, participates in like-minded communities, webinars, and conferences 
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills
  • C1+ level of English

What’s in it for you?  

Did you know that WeScale is a team of 20+ completely different, yet extraordinary people? We have Musicians, Fitness Enthusiasts, Travellers, Cat lovers, Dog lovers, Pizza fans, Family people, Single people and every other variety of people. So everyone is welcome and we are sure that you will immediately find your “go-to” person. 

What else, besides the best co-workers you can wish for? 

  • Opportunity to make an impact by marketing life-changing products and developing, inspiring team of Media Buyers
  • Opportunities to work on a fast-growing eCommerce business with A LOOOT of room to experiment and break all-time records
  • Competitive salary and performance based reward system
  • Full-time position for an indefinite period with 6-months testing period
  • Personalised, individualised development plan with unlimited growth opportunities
  • Access to WeScale Courses & Books Library and extra budget to learn from globally accomplished experts that suit your needs
  • Flexible working (we’re 100% hybrid-proof) 
  • Regular team events (did you hear about our WeScale day?), socials and at least 2 team-building events per year

Who are we and what we do? 

Before we jump in, asking you all the questions, we should first introduce ourselves. 

What began as a one-man band back in 2020 quickly expanded to a team of more than 20+ WeScalers. We focus on helping selected brands build, scale and optimise their sales to 7 and 8+ figures. And we do it fast. Our records? 27,000 products sold in a day! Pretty impressive, right? 

We are sworn officers of omnichannel approach. And we are working with our clients side-by-side. Together we set expectations, we personalise experience, increase customer loyalty and sales. But worry not, you are not alone. You will be working with our UGC department, Post-production team, Retention department and Influencer Marketing team to provide a seamless experience to our clients.

At WeScale we are very ambitious and we are constantly looking for bold steps out of our comfort zones. You’ll experience the ability to watch your ideas come to life. Sometimes the work can be challenging, but we can always rely on fellow WeScalers around us. And we never forget to celebrate the wins - whether it is a Slack shout-out or a dinner party, we know how to take a deep breath and enjoy the little things.

Are you on board? We would love to hear from you!

If you want to know more about us and what we do, check out:

Otherwise, put together your CV and apply at [email protected] ASAP.

We can’t wait to hear from you!