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How does a boutique agency operate?

Ever heard of the term a boutique agency before? Many people get thrown by that term. So, let us clear up for you exactly what that term means. 

🔍   A boutique agency is a smaller advertising agency that provides more customized services and focuses on the client's industry and niche. Boutique agencies center their work on higher quality branding, strategic and creative projects.

We like to say it is a hybrid between a typical performance marketing agency and an in-house marketing department. The full focus is on the limited number of clients with dedicated teams which provide personalised approaches per each brand.


How does it work in action?

First of all, boutique agencies work with a smaller number of clients and that enables a very detailed and personal approach to every one of them.

At WeScale, we see our clients as partners and together we discuss the vision, strategy, expectations, goals, and timelines needed to reach milestones towards the big goals. It's necessary to be on the same page and share the same values and goals for the future. Both parties must have a big vision and also realistic expectations. Another component that is needed is chemistry between both parties. Mindset, trust, work ethic, and strong wish for growth are a few of the components that enable successful cooperation. A good way to see if you are a perfect fit is to start with a testing period. In approximately 2 months you should be able to see if the specific boutique agency is a perfect fit for your brand and yourself. If successful, there's where the fun begins. Teams are aligned and know exactly what is needed for the improvement and can start working on all the extra details for future growth.

Within a boutique agency, each client gets its project team working as an external marketing department. Inside this team, you will find experienced specialists who are always in touch with the latest trends and continually work on their knowledge within and outside the company. The client does not need to stress about monitoring the latest trends and tricks but they must have a person or an internal team of people who communicate with the agency and understand the ever-changing environment. At WeScale, each person can dedicate themselves to each project individually or focus on those things that interest them the most - so they become a specialist in a certain field. 

Looking for a partner to help you scale?

Let's see if we can scale your business in Europe together! Apply to work with us, and let's talk about the possibilities of your brand.

How do we do it at WeScale?

When we start with cooperation, we usually take over certain existing channels and prepare everything for the expansion to new channels and markets. Based on the needs we suggest what can be done to help with the results and growth. Since we are a full-stack agency, we provide eCommerce strategy, media buying (Meta, Google, TikTok…), post-production of the materials, email & SMS marketing, content creation (production and UGC), and influencers. Just as it is important to choose the right clients, so is choosing your employees who are the engine of the company. We hire primarily for the mindset and values, not just experience. We hire people who share our main values: growth, teamwork, quality, honesty, and respect. 

For big agencies, the one-size-fits-all proposal is most efficient. Boutique agencies are making their proposals 100% customized to the client’s needs. We always make a very thorough audit of our clients' accounts and metrics before the collaboration to get a better picture so we can determine the strategy and eventually be prepared for every situation that could come our way (iOS14 updates, for example). 

A boutique agency will take the extra time and focus on learning your situation and world, designing a plan customized for your business, and then executing it and providing answers on ongoing improvements. If you search for a reliable partner that can provide quality and personal attention so you can work on other business areas next to marketing then the boutique agency is your ideal option.

Why should you hire a boutique agency?

Because your overall experience will be much more personal. Considering its limited partnership, a boutique agency has the time and dedication to get to know clients as people, not just companies. That being said, they will provide a much more personalized and detailed approach to your marketing. You will be in direct contact with eCommerce strategists and client solution managers who are dedicated to working on your project, so the questions you have will be answered much faster and with additional suggestions to help you perform. Being boutique doesn’t mean the team is small, it just means the team puts all of its focus on a hand-picked batch of clients with the same mindset. 

Boutique agencies usually try to provide the personalised approach to each client, which includes the whole team of specialists for certain areas needed for client’s brand. They usually don't outsource because they don’t have to. They have all of the specialists that they need right there in their organization. Unlike large agencies, there are no rigid rules and procedures, boutique agencies are flexible and will adapt to your changing needs and requirements continually and offer you dynamic solutions.